Sample Building Report

One report that summarizes key building information and clarifies critical strata memos that should be hard to understand otherwise.

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Bosa’s Court

867 Old Brick Rd

Building Risk Score

/ 100
This building is considered risk.
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Basic Information

  • Year Built
  • Construction Type
  • Land TypeFreehold
  • Land Expiry2028
  • Levels31
  • Unit Type(s)Mixed
  • Residential Units124
  • Commercial Units10
  • DeveloperJardine Properties
  • ManagementRancho Management


  • Common Room
  • Sauna
  • General Storage
  • Bike Storage
  • Fitness Room
  • Barbeque Area
  • Outdoor Area



Not Allowed
Smoking is not allowed.


Restrictions on rentals.


Not Restrictive
Few restrictions on pets.


Not Restrictive
No restrictions around age.

Critical Flags

No assessments have been recorded for this building.

No litigation has been recorded for this building.

No important meetings have been recorded.

The recorded land type for this building is as expected.

A depreciation report has been completed for this building.

An insurance policy is in place for this building.

Financial Health

Contingency Reserve Fund

0 / 100

A portion of every unit’s strata fees are “saved” in this account over time. This score is a measure of the building's ability to pay for large and infrequent expenses i.e. replacing the roof, upgrading the elevator, etc.

Operating Fund

0 / 100

Most of each unit’s strata fees are used in this account. This score is a measure of the building's ability to pay for normal, everyday expenses in the building i.e. landscaping, minor repairs, general upkeep, etc.

Financial History

Building Health

Building Age

0 / 100

This is a measure of the building’s relative age since construction. The older the building (without a major renovation) the higher the potential risk.

Maintenance Schedule

0 / 100

This is a measure of the expected major maintenance coming up, compared to the current “savings” the building has (in the CRF). The larger any potential deficit is, the higher the potential risk.

Projected Maintenance Costs

Insurance Health

Insurance Affordability

0 / 100

This a measure of how affordable the building's insurance policy is. A higher than average cost could indicate areas of concern for the building.

Insurance Deductibles

0 / 100

This is a measure of how well the building's insurance policy covers it against damages and claims. The higher the score the higher the potential costs.

Insurance Policy — by BFL Canada

Coverage Type
General/All Losses
$ 5,000
Water Damage
$ 15,000
Sewer Back-Up
$ 15,000
$ 10,000
10 %
Residential Glass
$ 100
Master Key
$ 250
Lock & Key
$ 250

Community Health

Strata Engagement

0 / 100

This is a measure of how engaged other owners in the building are in its overall maintenance and upkeep.

Neighborhood Score

0 / 100

This is a measure of centrally located the building is restaurants, schools, parks and other conveniences.

2019 Annual General Meeting

Held on September 9, 2019 with 34 members in attendance; 20 remote and 14 in-person.

Items Voted On 5 Total
Resolution A: Operating Deficit
Resolution B: Electrical Vault Repairs
Resolution C: Parkade Gate Replacement
Resolution D: Rear Alley Painting & Maintenance
Resolution E: Patio Landscape Work