Combine the best in technology and AI with leading property management experts in Canada and you arrive at Strataji.

Assess risk through simple weighted scores

Distill detailed risk assessment data completed by industry experts with simple weighted scores in a few minutes.

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Countless data points and a proprietary risk formula

Our system consumes all the data we throw at it, condensing hundreds of data points into a single building account.

Then, it runs each building against our proprietary risk formula, developed to take this complex problem and offer a simple solution.

Dynamic benchmarking that provides up-to-date context

But it doesn’t stop there, our platform then compares each building against every other building we’ve ever seen to see how it stacks up.

Every time new data is added, the benchmarks update to always provide the most relevant results.

Everything you need in one report — nothing you don’t

Combining all of this together, we create a simple yet powerful assessment of your prospective building.

The one page report breaks down everything you need to know to make an informed decision about your big investment.

Building Risk Score

Learn how we break down the risk profile of a building with our building risk report.

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