Hundreds of building data points — one simple risk score

Strataji crunches building data points sourced directly from property management companies on an annual basis that cover all major aspects of the building and summarizes it into a simple risk score.

When reviewing something as large and complex as an apartment building, it’s difficult to boil it down to just “good” or “bad”

An older building will typically have more costly maintenance coming up. So, one might say that an older building is “bad” compared to a newer one.

But what if the older building has been very well maintained by its owners? Well, then, perhaps the age of the building isn’t such a big deal.

On the other hand, what if the owners have cut corners and not invested in the required maintenance and upkeep? Then, perhaps the age of the building might point to some serious upcoming issues.

In short, it requires a concerted effort to understand how a building is doing but we simplify this through risk score!

For every building on our platform, we crunch hundreds of data points on an annual basis that cover all major aspects of the building. Sourced directly from the property management companies, these data points build out a profile.

Once complete, we are able to compare this profile against every other building in our system to see how it stacks up. The resulting scores against our benchmarks are then collected into a single, weighted score.

And, voila - we then present to you an easy to understand score with a visual report that breaks down each major risk factor.

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